Single in the Shires

I thought I’d won the dating game, and then suddenly after 7 years I threw a six and had to start again. Now I find myself living in the Home Counties surrounded by smug married people. It’s hard enough to find a single man over 30 at the best of times but there seem to be even less living in the Shires. I find the ones with girlfriends, the married ones, the ones that are only single in their heads or the divorced ones that panic at the thought of a relationship and disappear for no reason.


Having almost resigned myself to the fact that I will not find this one elusive single man hiding among the marrieds I am concentrating on repairing the damage an unhealthy 7 year relationship did to my confidence. The old cliché of ‘You will not find love until you love yourself’ has never been more true. So far I have bought a boy-free apartment, started a health and fitness regime and am trying to take the next step in my career. One day my Prince will come but in the mean time I’m having great fun observing the messed up world of dating whilst occasionally dipping my toe in the water and blogging about the disastrous consequences of letting my guard down.